The Cinecoup Film Accelerator competition is a relatively new program which allows indie filmmakers an outlet to develop and promote feature film projects in a competitive environment. It all starts with the trailer! Filmmakers are asked to make a one-minute trailer for their feature project and are then challenged with the task of making a new video each week to build hype and provide proof of concept. The competition previously churned out the successful Wolfcop and is a great way for young filmmakers to gain experience with pitching their films. The grand prize is $1,000,000 towards the production costs of the winning feature film.

Our film is called Fantome. Written and to be directed by Erica Orofino, it is the haunting ghost story of Arianne, a skeptical young woman living in a small town where religion and superstition are held in the highest regard. Upon returning from school in the big city, she finds her younger sister bedridden with an unexplainable illness. Over the course of her stay, her beliefs are called into question. The town knows she is haunted but Arianne continues to search for a scientific explanation. The deeper she looks, the more her past comes back to haunt her. Arianne soon learns that there are some things that science cannot explain.

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