Courtesy of the Canadian Film Centre

Courtesy of the Canadian Film Centre

Award-winning Egyptian-Canadian filmmaker Reem Morsi has signed on to direct the feature film Queen Tut, currently in development with Paper Frame Pictures. The film focuses on a teenage Egyptian outsider who finds belonging when he takes up training to become a drag queen.

Morsi has just come off of a very successful year winning four Golden Sheaf Awards at the Yorkton Film Festival as well as the Telefilm Canada New Voices Award at the Toronto Screenwriting Conference.

At Yorkton, Reem won awards for her shorts Show and Tell, a light drama about a young Lebanese girl who is hesitant to invite her hijab-wearing family to the school recital, and The Door, a psychological thriller about a Syrian refugee family struggling to cope with the grief of losing a loved one.

As described by producer Shant Joshi, “Reem has been able to engage audiences by dramatizing sincere characters who have heart, are driven, and can be quite funny at times.”

Reem’s films have screened throughout the globe at festivals like the Cannes Short Film Corner and TIFF. She has developed her skills at the Berlinale Talent Campus, TIFF Talent Lab, the Canadian Film Centre Directors’ Lab, and the Women in Director’s Chair program.

Reem is very excited to bring her directorial voice to Queen Tut.

Queen Tut was penned by screenwriter-urban geographer Bryan Mark, currently doing his Master’s degree in Geography with Dr. Alison L Bain. The project is produced by Shant Joshi, who production managed the highly-anticipated Canadian Feature Porcupine Lake, which will have its World Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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